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🚀Small rackets 🚀 - a unique, purely working connection and at the same time the last option from Ch.Tr.Charon Deabei.

Born on 16.6.2023 (3 males / 6 females).




💫Ch.Tr.Charon Deabei 💫– a unique dog who has been rolling in the IGP world for a long time, and at the highest races. 🙌🫶


👉Tervueren is the only one who still holds the title of Czech IGP Working Champion, 5xCACT👌


FMBB World Championship - 23rd place 2019

CR Championship BO – 5th Place, CR FCI Championship - 5th Place 2018

2018 FMBB World Championship

FCI World Championship 2018 – as the first and so far the only participant of the Tervueren variety for the Czech Republic


And what is Charon like? besides winning the hearts of everyone who meets him?


He is a strong heart dog. With a slightly ring-shaped head, a predator with fully natural bites. Always devoted to the owner, stable in nature with 100% confidence in his performance, work and precision.


🫶His children rolled at the 2023 FMBB World Championship this year


Arten Maltegro  -  10th place in the basic part, then 17th place in the final (3rd place of the team) (Ch.Tr.Charon Deabei x Gaika Elmar Slovakia)


Apple Deabie  - 7th place (2nd team place) (Ch.Tr.Charon Deabei x Finka Deabie)

HD A, ED 0/0, SA 0, DOV clear (2/2014 - expired), DNA vp, SDCA1+2 N/N, CJM N/P, BAER +/+, PT100/A

💣Kari Deabei 💣– she is promising, young and less than 3 years old with BH-VT completed, in preparation for IGP and bikejoring.


I waited so long, hoping to have a female for Charon. (his opposite) Kari is a driven bitch, always 100% committed. He stands out for his athleticism, has incredibly high jumps and a huge space in his gallop. Temperamental, lustful and strong retriever. More dominant in nature, yet easy to control even in defenses, where she is vigorous and tough.

HD A, ED 0/0, SA 0, OCD neg., LTV 0, L7 - normal number of vertebrae, DNA vp, PT98/A, BH


No need to describe her more, "look at the video" and you can see her working in all 3 disciplines, bikejoring and her fantastic jumps!! 


They both have sociality, poise, confidence, "clear head" even Kari, despite her high drive can handle the quick transition from action to complete calm, without nerves.

Friendly to people and other animals.

Only for people interested in sport dog - IGP, Mondioring, Agility, Obedience, Canisross, Bikejoring, Rescuing and others.

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