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Date of birth: unknown

Place of birth: Ukraine


German Shepherd 

Chip: 203098100545702v


Dentition: incomplete

Coat color: brown black, dark mask, long coat


Female, spayed

Personality test: kind and nice :) 




Help Ukraine

Dara is one of 60 rescued Ukrainian animals from Odessa. 


In the first week after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, we managed to bring humanitarian aid across the Ukrainian border and on the way back we transported 30 cats and 30 dogs. All of them had already secured a loving home or substitute temporary care. Daruška stayed with us in mandatory quarantine, where after ten days it was clear that we would not give her any more and we would keep her.


Even before the outbreak of war, her story was not a happy one. When her original owner found out she was sick, she threw her out on the street, where a family found her weighing 18 kilos, who immediately took her in and started taking care of her. Until the fateful day, when Dara spent a total of one and a half years with them, the caring family had to go in search of safety and flee from the war to another country. Dara was conflicted with other dogs, so the travel and placement in the future environment was uncertain and stressful for the family.

Everything went well and Dara found a loving home with us. We also managed to integrate her into our pack relatively quickly. :)

DARA (wardog) 🇺🇦

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